Can I save pastry cream that is too runny?

I made the Tartine recipe of pastry cream heating milk, adding eggs, cornstarch and sugar. It thickened while it was warm but after it cooled, it is quite runny.
Is there any way to salvage it? Add whipped cream?

Yea-Yunn Turkalj


Aisha November 26, 2016
Or just use it runny, as a crème anglaise with a slice of cake, if your plans with it are flexible.
Aisha November 26, 2016
Or you can make another one and churn this one in an ice cream maker to make ice cream, or add whipped cream and a whipped egg white to make a mousse.
Michael R. November 24, 2016
if you can recook it, very gently, add more cornstarch/slurry. or make a second too-thick batch and combine. or yes, can try whipped cream. #notapastrychef
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