A friend of mine used to make a unique Korean onigiri. It was sticky an had many ingredients mixed in. Recipes?

The rice was much stickier than Japanese onigiri. It was purple from small bean like items, and had very small delicious green crunchy things.

Allison Nicole Devitt


tara-christine November 27, 2016
I think the recipe you are looking for is called Samgak Gimbap. In English we used to call it Triangle Gimbap. If you search either of those terms online you can find a number of links to recipes. Maangchi is usually a good source. The rice is formed in a triangular shape and can be filled with a limitless number of fillings. Fillings can be made freshly or can be bits of items leftover in your fridge. It might be difficult to find the specific fillings that your friend put in hers since there can be so many variations, but good luck!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 27, 2016
This might be a good starting point for you: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/01/jumuk-bap-korean-rice-balls-beef-pears-seaweed-recipe.html
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