How to remove burnt plastic from inside of enamel cooking pot? Accidental left scouring pad with plastic, I think, inside the pot.

  • Posted by: DSS
  • November 28, 2016


Michele November 30, 2016
I have had a couple of serious burn on issues with enamel pots and I have had luck with using baking soda and water and heating slowly. It certainly cleans things off. However, I do have to say the enamel wasn't quite as shiny after, but it hasn't affected how the pan works.
Aisha November 28, 2016
You might actually be able to chip it off carefully when the pot cools down again and the plastic re-solidifies.
By the way, is it enameled cast iron or steel ?
Amanda S. November 28, 2016
Hi DSS, I'm looking into this for you! Just to clarify: You left the plastic scouring pad inside the pot, when the pot was on the burner?
Amanda S. November 28, 2016
Oh and also you might try Bar Keeper's Friend and an abrasive sponge—neither can hurt the enamel surface.
DSS November 29, 2016
Yes. My son accidentally turned the wrong burner on. And the scouring cloth was 100% polyester. I read the tag last night to be sure.
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