My mom cooked a whole turkey breast, guessing 4 hrs at 350 to 400, Im guessing 8lbs, she took a few slices, said it may need a little more time,3 days

later its been in my fridge, I thought I dnt wanna waste it, throw it in the oven for about 3 hrs, @ 350, my concern would be Botulism, from cooking say 90% done then chilled and recooked, I honestly didn't look at it before hand.

Phoenix Grimmel


C S. November 30, 2016
Your concern here is not botulism which grows in anaerobic conditions, meaning without exposure to oxygen, the concern could be growth of ecoli or salmonella or a bacteria that grows in proteins that are neither hot nor cold. Having said that it sounds as if this went from hot to cold and now back to hot. It sounds more like the problem would have it being dried out than making you sick. I, personally would slice off the amount I thought I would use and then cook that piece only rather than continuing to reheat the big piece.
Aisha November 30, 2016
If it was properly chilled right after cooking and it's only been 3 days AND you've cooked it again, I would not be too worried. Then again, I'm the type that drinks raw milk :) No but quite honestly, I think you should be fine. Maybe wait for a few more answers.
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