Vanilla spead - nuts,dates,vanilla... What else should be a good fit, must be healthy

Making a vanilla spread with ingredients written above. Any tip or advice would be much appreciated.. Spread is already quite good but i would love to make it even better by maybe adding something. :)

Jure Labrović


caninechef December 1, 2016
Maybe consider the concept of less is more. Maybe you would be better making an alternative spread to complement this one? Your choice as to what tastes good, but personally I often find piling on tons of different ingredients just obscures rather than enhances.
BakerRB December 1, 2016
I'd try something bright or acidic. For something simple I'd add lemon zest; somewhat less common would be pomegranate molasses.
Nancy December 1, 2016
This spread already contains fat, carb, sugar, alcohol if vanilla is extract, maybe salt on nuts.
In your eyes, is this healthy now and you want to boost nutrient content?
Or is it an indulgence and you want to compensate by adding health(ier) ingredients?
Do you want to add meat dairy or vegetable protein, superfoods, fiber, raw, other nutrients?
Jure L. December 1, 2016
I simply want to make taste even better with adding ingredient that is not so unhealthy.
Nancy December 1, 2016
Jure - OK, here are ideas that come from the existing flavor elements. Be sparing in your additions, and taste after each.
Dates suggest Persian or Middle Eastern cuisines. Think of cardamon, pomegranate, walnut, pistachio, rose water, orange flower water.
Liqueurs. Either to complement the nuts or the warm flavor of the vanilla. Dark rum, scotch, bourbon. Maybe rye but that is probably too assertive a flavor, and may not blend well.
Dairy, either savory or sweet. You could mix in some stinky (PC: highly flavored) cheese, like cheddar with port and brandy, Stilton, Roquefort. Or some plain but rich cheese to background the sweetness of the fruit: ricotta, mascarpone, queso fresco. cottage.
Good luck and please tell us what you add and how the new spread works out.
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