Are all sticks of butter "real" butter?

I'm at Kroger's and trying to find real butter, and a lady told me all butter that is in sticks are real butter. Is this true? I need real salted butter for a recipe I'm going to make. (Imperial, Kroger brand, Smart Balance, Parkay, etc.)

Jennifer Lynn


lacy June 29, 2019
Had an odd thing happen yesterday. Burned a pat if butter in a stainless steel pan. (That part not so odd). As the smoke detector howled I ran the pan outside then back in to open doors & ramp up fans. The weird part was the whole house smelled like burning plastic! I use Costco Organic Unsalted butter which now I suspect is not all butter nor organic. Anyone else have another idea?
BerryBaby December 2, 2016
The label will state 'BUTTER'....if it doesn't say butter, then it's not butter
Susan W. December 1, 2016
You were misinformed. Sounds like you are close to the butter, but not quite there yet. Hopefully you found it.
creamtea December 1, 2016
Imperial Smart Balance, Parkay are all margarine. If it is butter, it will simply say "butter." if the ingredients list either sweet cream or butter and salt, it's butter. If it lists margarine or oleoresins or oil, it's not butter.
janet E. December 1, 2016
Smart Balance, Parkay, etc. are margarine, not real butter. Butter will simply say butter and either be salted or sweet/non-salted.
ktr December 1, 2016
Read the ingredients. If it has oil in it, it isn't butter. If it is called a butter spread it isn't real butter.
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