Cant find a "best by" date on Spiral Ham...

I cant find any good info on this anywhere... I have a "sell by" date on the tag of a fully cooked vacuum sealed spiral ham but I cant figure out how long its good for because theres no "best by" or "use by" date! Of course its been in the fridge since I purchased it. Thoughts?

Jennifer W


Jennifer W. December 5, 2016
Just to be clear, the ham is Unopened and vacuum sealed.
pierino December 4, 2016
One week from purchase date.
pierino December 4, 2016
FDA recommends 1 week for this type of cooked ham.
Jennifer W. December 4, 2016
pierino, 1 week from when?? Purchase date? Sell by date? From the time the package is opened?
caninechef December 5, 2016
Do you think this one week takes into account the vacuum packaging? This sounds more like a period after opening.
Nancy December 4, 2016
Have a look at this for durations of fully cooked commercially packaged ham
Nancy December 5, 2016
Jennifer - did you look at stilltasty? Fda, usdaans cdc sources. Tgey say one week or label date in fridge after opening.
Jennifer W. December 6, 2016
Nancy- Thanks for the reply, Yes I did, Unfortunately that is information that applies to an opened ham mine is still vacuum sealed.
Nancy December 6, 2016
My mistake. I thought you were going to use it soon.
The relevant line for a sealed commercially prepared ham (not specifically your spiral, but similar) is 6-9 months refrigerated.
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