Do you suggest using white or dark rum for this recipe?

Caramel Rum Banana Bread
Recipe question for: Caramel Rum Banana Bread


sydney December 7, 2016
Nobody can taste the difference in 3 tablespoons (!) of rum in the finished, baked good. 'Dark' or 'light' difference will only be apparent in something where a much greater amount is used for soaking (fruitcakes) or in a sauce. Agree with Nancy: Use what you like to drink unless you're buying an airline-size bottle.
Marisa M. December 8, 2016
Good point. And yes. I'll probably buy the mini 😊
Nancy December 7, 2016
As the recipe doesn't specify, you can use either to get the results.
IMHO - choose based on whether you like to drink clear or dark spirits (vodkas or scotch, in short), both for taste and because even if you buy a small bottle, you'll have some leftover for drinks or more cooking.
Look forward to hearing what the recipe writer says.

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lynne December 7, 2016
I would use dark rum for the flavor; white rum tastes less like brown sugar and more like straight alcohol.
Marisa M. December 8, 2016
Thanks, Nancy! I'm not much of a drinker but usually go clear. I have leftover white rum but asked the question thinking that dark would be a better fit. I imagine the flavor is more intense/interesting.

I too look forward to hearing what the recipe writer says. May try it this weekend.
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