Cooked stuffing and now a soup and something is giving a sour taste. Is it the parsley or the celery?

I've noticed a sour taste in a both a stuffing and a soup I've cooked recently. Could it be the parsley or the celery? These are the two similar ingredients in both. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • December 7, 2016


creamtea December 7, 2016
Hi Sarah. Sometimes soups based on poultry stocks can turn sour (I believe it's Joy of Cooking that recommends cooling with the lid off after cooking; can't check that because I'm traveling; I believe that some cooks here have recommended cooling quickly with an ice water bath if possible). The fact that the stuffing has soured as well, yet has none of the stuck used for the soup stumps me! Sorry. It's so disappointing to spend time preparing these dishes only to have them go "off".
Nancy December 7, 2016
I had a similar experience recently with cole slaw.
By any chance, did you have any brassica (mustard family) vegetables in these dishes...cabbage, turnip, broccoli etc?
Sarah December 7, 2016
No, none of these. Full ingredients of the soup: butter, celery, carrots, onions, little sugar, salt, pepper, dried thyme, turkey stock, noodles, fresh parsley, shredded cooked turkey. Tasted fine when made yesterday and today has the sour note. Exact same with the stuffing. Tasted fine on the day it was prepared, but had a more pronounced sour note the second day after reheating.
Nancy December 7, 2016
Sarah -
Thanks for the longer list, but I don't have a clear analysis.
The only things that might be suspicious were the stock and turkey (how many days old were they when you added them?).
Maybe some of our nutritionally or scientifically trained fellows will have an answer.
Sarah December 7, 2016
Thanks Nancy. The stuffing didn't have any turkey meat or turkey based stock in it and it was the same taste leading me to believe it's a vegetable or herb. In any case, the turkey stock was prepared the day after Thanksgiving and then frozen. I dethawed the stock the day before using for the soup in the fridge.
Nancy December 7, 2016
Ok, I' m out of ideas.
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