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My daughter is 16 and has had to eliminate wheat. We have always made food gifts for neighbors at Christmas. I want to continue to do that but make things which she can eat. I also don't want to buy a new pantry. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: MMH
  • December 7, 2016


nance December 17, 2016
This website--not mine, but a personal friend's--is a terrific resource. She has celiac, so does her son, and she is a support group leader. She has personally tested the recipes on her site. Here is the URL:
MMH December 18, 2016
Wow - that looks great. Thank you. My daughter has worked through the 5 stages of grief over this "loss". She's always been a healthy eater but knows now what she misses most. This will be a great help.
sydney December 15, 2016
Question for Nancy on your reply, which I couldn't reply to because it's already a 'reply' :-) ... Can you post your favorite chick pea flour pancake recipe? I tried an Italian one with flour and water, but I'd like to try another (French, Indian, whatever), maybe with yogurt as an ingredient. Do you have a fave? Thanks!
Nancy December 15, 2016
Sydney - Here's one of my favorite Indian chickpea pancakes, which are generally spicier than the French/Italian ones. This recipe is from Madhur Jaffrey:
You can also find many more if you search using the words "pudla" (name of the pancake), or "besan" (name of the chickpea flour).
I have not made any with yogurt in the batter, but, again, there are many out there....maybe try one from a chef or source you trust.
And/or start by using yogurt in a topping on the pancakes.
sydney December 15, 2016
Thanks, Nancy! :-)
Windischgirl December 14, 2016
Also, flavored oils and vinegars. Use herbs, garlic, citrus zest, etc.
Windischgirl December 14, 2016
How about some homemade mixes? I've done 7-bean soup, with the dried beans layered in jars attractively, and a recipe attached (there was also a 'poem' with each bean having a symbolic meaning). Seasoning mixes for chili, poultry, cheese balls, or sweet spices for pies/cookies. Mulling spice mix for wine or tea or a chai blend. Refrigerator jams. BTW, someone else mentioned hummus...which freezes beautifully until you can gift it.
Stephanie December 14, 2016
You'll have to double check the brand of powdered sugar but this is a great cookie recipe. I've omitted the nuts (or swapped them for others), used chocolate chips and other various chocolate candies, etc. So they are very forgiving of alterations too.
Sean R. December 9, 2016
For medical reasons, I've been eating gluten (and dairy) -free for over 3 years. Here are some quality, fun desserts that people LOVE:

Chocolate Swiss Cake Rolls - lots of work and they're showstoppers:
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse - super easy, read the instructions and comments carefully:
Marshmallows - Medium level of work/patience. Cover 'em in chocolate, mix up the extract, or roast over smoldering coals. Everybody will love you:
Molten Chocolate Cake: Lots of work and GLORIOUS:

Clearly, I have a love affair with rich, chocolate desserts. If you're looking for something specific, just holler!

I've made all of these recipes repeatedly and love them. Good luck!
Nancy December 14, 2016
Chocolate avocado mousse with raspberries (on television program from on 14 may 2011...seemed to disappear from the web. If you want recipe, I can provide it)
* roasted flavored nuts (single or mixed nuts)
* roasted flavored chick peas
* chick pea pancakes (socca or farinata from Provence; others from India)...if you give as a gift, include a sauce to go with them
* bean spreads (hummus, black bean, etc)
* roasted vegetable spreads
* Thai peanut sauce
* chutneys and/or jams
ktr December 15, 2016
What changes did you make to the swiss cake rolls to not use dairy? That recipe looks great but I haven't been able to think of a way to make the filling without dairy.
Sean R. December 17, 2016
Instead of butter in the cake, I use melted coconut oil (any fat substitution should do).
For the filling, I whip chilled coconut cream with vegan cream cheese (Follow Your Heart is a good brand). Another option could be So Delicious CocoWhip!, which tastes amazing, for the filling, but I haven't tried this.
ktr December 17, 2016
Amy December 8, 2016
THE BEST gluten free baking flour (not a baking mix) is from Bob's Red Mill. It is called 1:1 flour (One to one flour). It has a blue label. You sub it exactly 1 to 1 for regular flour in any baking recipe (ie: cookies, cakes, bars, etc). It does NOT work as a sub in a loaf of bread though. You need an actual GF bread recipe. I am a pastry chef and we use the Bob's flour all the time. Most of the time, those without a GF allergy don't even realize they are eating GF.

As for a "gift" idea, try mixing equal proportions of any of the following:
Nuts, dried fruit, coconut, chocolate bits, toffee bits, etc (try 1/4 cup of each...the more you use of each thing, the bigger your batch will be)
Then, bind together with honey and a nut butter or Nutella. You want it sticky enough to hold a ball, but not so sticky it runs. Then press them and roll them tight, and then roll in coconut or something similar. I call them "power bites" and they stay well in an airtight container! You can make them more granola like or sweeter (by adding chocolate etc). Full of protein too depending on what nuts you use!

Have fun!
sydney December 15, 2016
Glad to hear about that Bob's Red Mill GF mix. I had written off all GF mixes but will try that one. I've long liked the brand. Good to hear that from a pro. Thanks :-)
Stephanie G. December 8, 2016
Home made marshmallows with hot cocoa mix.
Aisha December 8, 2016
Is your pantry gluten-free, or not yet ? If it is, you can make almost anything you used to make, but using a gluten-free flour mix instead. Otherwise, there are some fairly easy things you could make: everything suggested by Alisha above, plus:
- coconut macaroons (unsweetened shredded coconut +egg whites +sugar)
-sweet or savory granola (make sure the oats are marked gluten-free, which means they were processed in a gluten-free facility)
- homemade marzipan treats
- homemade nut butters, or spreads based on nut butters (honey-cashew butter, chocolate-peanut butter etc)
- a special homemade spice blend or flavored salt or sugar (lemon or vanilla sugar, celery salt, gomasio)
- pretty much any type of homemade candy: marshmallows, salted butter caramels, brittles, toffee, candied fruit, candied ginger, candied chestnuts
- instant hot chocolate mixes made from grated chocolate (and a side of homemade marshmallows !)
There's lots of other ideas out there, but it does depend on what you have in your pantry.
Alisha December 7, 2016
Fudge, truffles, gluten free cookies and bars, candied nuts, trail mix...
MMH December 7, 2016
Forgot to say - doesn't have to be sweet
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