Stamped Savory Cracker Recipe

I want to use my Christmas cookie stamps to make crackers for the holidays. Any suggestions for either wheat based or gluten free? Thanks

  • Posted by: EMR
  • November 3, 2017


Nancy November 9, 2017
Came across a blogger who makes lots of cookies, including some from stamps.
There's an animal cracker cookie with little sweetening.
Also, tips on which recipes to use so the stamp impression shows best.
May be of interest in adapting a cracker recipe.
EMR November 9, 2017
Thanks, I will give this a try next. I appreciate your suggestions.
Nancy November 5, 2017
I lost my favorite cracker recipe in either a move or an unintentional cleanout, and my current 2nd best is very dry and flat (lavash), so not suitable.
But since I remember making stamp cookies turned out well with a heavy butter component, I would suggest a dough like shortbread, only without the sugar and adding some savory components.
See, for example, this one with parmesan, rosemary & thyme:
Also, look at King Arthur Flour, which has some good cracker recipes.
EMR November 6, 2017
I tried out the recipe you suggested this morning. The "crackers" were very, very tasty. However, not only did they not take a stamp, they were too crumbly to work well as a cracker. I will try again, this time with a bit more butter perhaps...Thanks for your help. emr
Nancy November 7, 2017
Sorry the recipe wasn't a home run for the stamp...glad it (at least) tasted good.
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