mysterious/delicious "Kaddish Cake" found at a kosher style deli?

I found a dessert labeled as "Kaddish Cake" at a deli today. It's a layered pastry of sorts that has the taste/texture of the middle of a cinnamon roll. Has anyone else heard of this before? or better yet, does anyone have a recipe?

  • Posted by: Hannah
  • December 8, 2016


amysarah December 9, 2016
I think it probably was either a Kokosh or Babka - both come in chocolate and cinnamon varieties. Babka's texture more closely resembles a cinnamon roll (yeasty/bready) - but Kokosh is flatter and more clearly 'layered' as you describe...either way, I'm sure there are as many variations as there are Jewish bakeries.

Not sure why it would be labeled "Kaddish cake" - maybe because serving babka (and I guess Kokosh) at a shiva is pretty common.
Nancy December 9, 2016
Hannah - following lead of Seth H - have a look at these images of kokosh cake and see if it's like the one from your bakery...
Seth H. December 9, 2016
Probably was mislabeled cinnamon Kokosh cake. The "classic" Kokosh cake is chocolate (if i remember correctly Kokosh is derived from the hungarian word for cocoa) but I have seen more cinnamon Kokosh popping up in recent years. You can probably do a search for recipes but I don't know which are any good. It takes a lot of time to make it and I live in the NY area with plenty of good bakeries who make a better Kokosh cake than I can.
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