Kimchi--recommend a good brand? What should I look for?

I'm new to kimchi. I recall that I bought a jar once and it was inedible. I recently bought a jar of Sunja's Mild White Kimchi. Pretty good, but I could go for a little more oomph. It's mostly big chunks of cabbage with a few carrots, green onions and by looking at it, I don't see much else--though the label says there are other things.

  • Posted by: Cheryl
  • December 19, 2016


Corey February 27, 2017
I've had a lot of different kimchi brands around NYC and I have to say they're all pretty good. I'm currently addicted to Matt's Kimchi. They have a small operation with one regular red kimchi but it's clear that they put a lot of heart into making it. The guy that makes it is from NY but used to teach English in Korea. Give them a shot!
E December 20, 2016
There are some cool NYC based kimchi brands now. Kimchi Kooks can be found in Whole Foods in NYC, and they do a classic red, a white daikon, and two interesting varieties - kale, and beets. Full disclosure, I know the people who own the business but I genuinely like their product. My favorite is the classic red, and the beet. Another excellent kimchi brand that I have no relation to at all is Matt's Kimchi - there's only a classic red cabbage at the moment, but its organic if that matters to you, and really well spiced.
Cheryl December 20, 2016
Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I think my first try was a bit too sour. I'll look for these brands + Korean store. I go into NYC frequently and will try when there.
PHIL December 20, 2016
Depending on where you live , Flushing Queens and Fort Lee , NJ have lots of Korean stores.
Valhalla December 20, 2016
If you are up for making it, I promise it is SO easy. I like Linda Ziedrich's recipe from the Joy of Pickling, which can be found here
I also love turnip kimchi and make her recipe from the same book.
Cheryl December 20, 2016
I am considering Valhalla!
dinner A. December 20, 2016
I think white kimchi is white because it doesn't have any chiles. Was the other jar you tried too spicy or too funky for your taste? If the latter, it may have been relatively long fermented -- it can get funkier as it gets older, which not everyone likes. You might want one that's mildly fermented, but does have chilies.
I have a jar of Mother-in-Law's gochujang that is better than any other version I've had. I haven't had their kimchi myself, but I've heard that it's good. I agree with Phil that if you live in an area with any significant Korean population, local versions are likely to provide a variety of options.
Cheryl December 20, 2016
I'll look for one with chilies!
PHIL December 20, 2016
Try kimichi made with turnips if you can find it too. I live in an area with a big Korean population so we have many local brands, can' say I like any particular one. Donna's suggestion about Whole Foods is probably a good one.
Cheryl December 20, 2016
Thank you Phil.
Donna December 19, 2016
I like Sinto Gourmet brand, which I purchase at Whole Foods. For spice, you can't beat the red napa cabbage version.
Cheryl December 20, 2016
Thanks, Donna.
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