Lollipops browning before reaching hard crack straegy

Hi Food52 Hotline! I am making lollipops and my starts to brown before reaching hard crack phase. :/ I've tried multiple times and it keeps happening. I'm using cane sugar, tapioca syrup and a bit of water. Any suggestions would be so appreciated! Thank you!!!!



drbabs December 22, 2016
I could guess a few things... Tapioca syrup can brown easily if the dextrose equivalence is high... is that what's called for in the recipe? Maybe try another recipe that only uses sugar?
Jennifer W. January 2, 2017
The same thing happened to me when I was making sugar "sea glass" to decorate a wedding shower cake. It had a brown tinge even with the blue food coloring, and I tried multiple times:( My recipe was sugar only, so Id like the answer to this as well.
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