hour seven of eight hour slow cooked pot roast, liquid does not seem to be reducing but more soupy. will i be able to make a gravy out of it? thanks

I only added one cup of pinot noir initially. this is the recipe from this site. trying to plan for gravy needs!

Christy F


Christy F. December 25, 2016
thanks, Lindsay-Jean. I didn't use a lot of flour initially but i can try to thicken or just reduce..
Susan W. December 26, 2016
LJ is right. Reducing the sauce is the key. Reducing keeps the sauce fresh tasting. Adding flour would muddy the taste. If I remember correctly, I was speaking to someone who had a larger roast, therefore more flour because of that and the flour would have a long time to cook into the sauce.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
Susan W had the same experience when she made that recipe (but with short ribs), she took the liquid out at the end and reduced it separately, saying: "I made this last night, but with boneless shortribs and one cup of liquid was just right. I took the meat and veggies out at the end and reduced the liquid just a little, but you'll have more flour in yours with a big roast, so you may not need to do that."
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