Since there are a variety of eggplants available in the stores; and the "common" eggplant available now is considerably smaller than they were jus...

...t a few years ago, what is the weight used in this recipe? I also do not see turmeric listed in the ingredients: how much is used as indicated in the instructions

  • Posted by: Victor
  • December 25, 2016


Nancy December 25, 2016
I recently had a similar problem with some recipes for baba ghannoush. Had two different reactions...
one, if the recipe author wasn't so specific, we can be similarly relaxed when making the dish.
two, I looked for a standard measure, to get some consistency, or at least a starting point. Found their measure for one eggplant (they didn't say if medium or large, but sounds substantial) was 1 1/4 lb, which gave 5-6 raw cups cubed.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 25, 2016
Hopefully the recipe author weighs in, as I couldn't find her recipe elsewhere on the web, but for the eggplant part of the question, the Cook's Thesaurus says 1 medium eggplant is one pound (see here:, so I'd say a bit more than that for a large one.
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