Eggplant recipe from the Tate Modern Cafe in London

A few years ago, I had the most amazing eggplant at the Tate Modern Cafe in London. It was a side, served w fish. Tried 1000 times to recreate! Help!



inpatskitchen June 3, 2017
Scroll down a bit on this site
There is a photo of what is described as "line caught pollack with aubergine caponata". Could this be the dish you're looking for?
Michele June 2, 2017
I love eggplant - or aubergine as it is known in Britain- and all its deliciousness. Just a thought that as things go in fashion and trends you might want to look in Ottolenghi cookbooks to see if there is something similar. He, his restaurants and style of cooking have been hot in London (and everywhere else) and the Tate might have drawn upon him for inspiration. Or google Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and other British cooking sources using aubergine instead of eggplant. Hope this helps!!
creamtea June 2, 2017
There are many, many dishes, dips, mains and sides that focus on eggplant. It's a very versatile vegetable. Mediterranean cooks, for example, pride themselves on the number of eggplant dishes they prepare. Babaganoush, "Turkish Salad" (mashed with garlic, salt, olive oil lemon juice), Eggplant halves hollowed and stuffed with peppers, onions and tomatoes and then baked or broiled (Imam Bayildi), "Spanish" eggplant," Ratatouille, Moussaka all come to mind and that's just the start. I used to make spicy Chinese "strange flavor" eggplant. Then there are Japanese versions in which halves are broiled with Miso paste.... if you give us a bit more information perhaps we can be more helpful.
HalfPint June 2, 2017
Can you provide more details about this eggplant dish? I've looked at the Tate Modern's restaurant menu and it's not on there. So if you could let us know what ingredients/flavors were in the dish, we will try our best to help :)
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