i received especially from puglia olive oil as a gift. How do I store it?

I received especially puglia Olive oil. How should I store it?

Louis Pescatore


pierino December 31, 2016
If you are curious at all, look for the letters DOC or DOP on the lable. That indicates denomination of origin. In other words it is not blended with other oils from outside Puglia.
Maedl December 31, 2016
If it is fresh--i.e. made this past fall, don't store it! Use it now!
pierino December 31, 2016
In a cool, dry place. Olive oil will lose its unique flavors in a fairly short time. It's not wine. Figure shelf life of one year.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 30, 2016
Check out this post, which includes tips for storing olive oil: https://food52.com/blog/9515-the-best-ways-to-choose-store-and-use-olive-oil
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