The Turkey Doesn’t Fit in Our Little City Fridge!

Living in an apartment in Boston creates great, cozy, holiday experiences - but our fridge is so small! Since we are hosting this year, we ordered a local 19 lb bird, and I couldn’t be more excited to make my Truffle Butter Turkey with orange, rosemary, and sage. BUT the turkey (bless it’s heart) isn't going to fit in the fridge. We only need a day- Would a cooler be the best way to keep it cold?
Thank you so much, and have a joyous holiday!



Gammy November 8, 2019
Great idea MMH. The only caution I might add is to be certain your bird has NOT been already brined, koshered or injected with "juices" before you attempt to brine. As you mention you ordered your bird, I have hopes that the bird is as natural as you can get. Amazon has a selection of those XL ziplock bags if you go that route:
MMH November 7, 2019
Another great trick is that it’s a great way to brine. Buy one of those extra large (I think 40 gal) zip loc bags and put the brine and the turkey in the bag. Put the bag in your cooler. Then, when it’s ready, you can just pour the brine down your sink. It might even be a neat way to deal with the leaky mess even if you don’t brine. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Wendy November 7, 2019
I agree with Grammy but would also suggest a further step. Purchase a refrigerator thermometer and place it in the cooler. I think they are about $5, they are easy to read and it will save you any concern about food safety for friends and family.
Gammy November 7, 2019
Oh dear!!! Yes, a cooler will work, just load up on the ice and remember that heat rises and cold falls, so although you will want some ice below the bird, make sure you pack ziplock bags of loose ice around and on top of your bird. Keep in the coolest spot in your apartment. Don't toss that ice when you are ready to cook. Instead, dump out the accumulated water and wash the inside of the cooler. Then either dump the remaining ice loose into the cooler or transfer to clean ziplock bags so you can now use the cooler to store drinks.
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