What quick breads that require slight kneading of the dough from which they're made?

Mianah Johnson


Monica B. January 5, 2017
Lisanne, Nice answer ! And thank you.
creamtea January 5, 2017
Thanks, Monica!
creamtea January 5, 2017
The less quick-bread doughs are handled the better, as kneading develops gluten and leads to a tougher final product. Some biscuit recipes have you turn out the dough on a floured surface and lightly "knead" just a few turns, but really the less you handle these doughs, the better. It's not the same kind of kneading as yeast bread dough. Better to do too little than too much. (PS when cutting biscuits, don't twist the biscuit cutter as it will hinder the rise and affect flakiness). Hope others chime in with more info.
someonewhobakes January 5, 2017
I agree with the other two ladies - by definition, quick breads do not require kneading. Generally speaking, bread dough only requires kneading when it contains yeast, which makes it a decidedly un-quick bread!
ChefJune January 5, 2017
Quick breads do not require any kneading - that's one of the reasons they are called "quick breads!" No kneading nor rising.
Nancy January 5, 2017
Not sure where your question is coming from - perhaps you could say more.
Meanwhile, I can tell you that most quick bread do NOT recommend kneading.
Further, they recommend quick mixing &very little handling once the wets and dries mix - then straight into the oven.
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