When making the Leftover quick Bread recipe on this site, did anyone have trouble with the dough being to sticky to handle at all!! Made exactly .

Stephanie Eubanks Walley


PieceOfLayerCake April 2, 2017
I imagine this would be similar to Irish soda bread and would indeed be somewhere between a scone dough and bread dough in consistency. There doesn't really need to be "tension" in the dough like there would in a traditional bread dough, so it doesn't need to be manipulated like bread. A rough shape would pretty much suffice. I would have a bench scraper handy and would dip your hands into a bowl of flour whenever necessary to manipulate the dough. You could get away with just flouring it and giving it a shape in the bowl, then dumping it straight out onto a lined sheet pan and finessing it a bit before baking. Don't fret the appearance too much.
Sarah A. March 29, 2017
I have no idea :)
Smaug March 29, 2017
Do you mean the one with the potatoes? That is a lot of moisture- surprising how much moisture potatoes themselves bring. The author actually refers to it as a batter, but then handles it more like a dough. I have found that high hydration doughs can be formed pretty well on a silpat (you still need to flour it, and work quickly with well floured hands).
Stephanie E. March 31, 2017
Yes, it was the one with potatoes, it was definite not a regular bread dough, very wet. I did flour both, its was still not easy. ended up make it in rolls. It was OK , very heavy! maybe thats normal for this type of bread , this was my first potatoes bread
. Thanks for answering. Have a good night.!!!
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