Could I do a gentle simmer after adding the coconut milk and cook it for an hour or two?

  • Posted by: Jacob
  • January 11, 2017
Cheap Creamy Chicken Curry
Recipe question for: Cheap Creamy Chicken Curry


Sapphyreopal5 December 31, 2017
I let this simmer on the lowest setting possible on my stove for a good while. The chicken didn't overcook. With this being said this is at your discretion. I live in an apt with an electric stove that's at least a few years old so keep that in mind.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 12, 2017
Hi Jacob, step 4 does call for simmering, uncovered, after adding the coconut milk, but only for "7 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through," I'm afraid an hour or two would result in overcooked chicken.
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