Curious to know if the chicken could be substituted with prawns or what other type of fish would you recommend as good substitute?

Cheap Creamy Chicken Curry
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702551 October 26, 2015
Here in America, the typical fish selection is so limited and conservative that you can probably sub in almost any inexpensive white-fleshed fish.

Depending on where you live, this might be cod, catfish, halibut, tilapia, snapper, grouper, and a few others.

In addition to prawns, scallops would be a reasonable substitution.

Good luck.
Thando H. October 27, 2015
I have a few great specialty markets around me, so it shouldn't be a problem finding something! Cod and halibut both sound like a good, simple alternative though.
Table9 October 26, 2015
I think prawns would be fantastic! You could use a firm white fish as well, maybe cod or haddock.
Thando H. October 27, 2015
Great, definitely trying prawns the next time I make it. It was ahh-mazing. Thank you!
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