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Induction cook top

Renovating kitchen. Induction or gas? Sub Zero or Kitchen Aid Refrigerator? Microwave Convection and Conventional oven or Double Conventional?

asked by Food odyssea 5 months ago
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added 5 months ago

- Gas definitely. Amazing for cooking (can use high heat, low heat, very responsive for temperature control) and can use fully bowl-y wok vs wok with flat bottom
- don't know, sorry
- Microwave Convection and Conventional : because when you want many food to be warmed/finished cooked soon (entertaining, thanksgiving, weekday I-want-to-eat-since-3-hours-ago kinda day), convection is amazing. If you can spare enough time, then you have chance to do conventional.

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added 5 months ago

I love induction cooktops. All the benefits of gas, without constantly having to check the height of the flame. Easy to clean, smooth cooking surface. More even heating than a gas flame. And for us, much safer because we have cats who like to snuggle up against a warm tea kettle.

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added 5 months ago

I have an induction cook top because I can't get gas in my condo. I love induction. It heats very fast, I can boil water in a few minutes if a large pot. The kitchen stays cooler (perfect for Texas) since I have induction on for a shorter amount of time and there is less heat waste since most of it goes into the pot. I can totally use my round wok pan on induction and it heats up much faster than my outdoor propane burner I have.

We got a smart oven which is a convection oven that can microwave and broil also and do two at a time. It saves space but it is a smaller oven than normal ovens. Last night I did convection with microwave to finish up butternut squash that I had been roasting. It was an investment but it is worth it in my opinion.

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added 5 months ago

Being a stubborn old man, I will probably always prefer the aesthetic of gas at home, BUT...we don't have a gas line in the kitchen I work in so we use induction burners and they are absolutely incredible. Depending on the model you get, pinpoint accuracy with heat control and water boils SO quickly. In a kitchen with several steaming deck ovens, the low heat output of an induction burner is nice too. Downside? We have a few pots that don't work with induction so definitely check the conductivity of your cookware. I also like the open flame on a gas stove for charring peppers or corn tortillas. So its a toss up!

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added 5 months ago

Gas stove
Kitchenaide fridge
1 microwave
1 convection oven

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added 5 months ago

I much prefer induction, so fast and responsive and easy to clean! but be sure your existing cookware are either cast iron, or will hold a magnet to them or they won't work!!

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added 5 months ago

Another vote for induction. I've had both and much prefer induction, for all the reasons mentioned here. I'd add that they're also very shallow--mine is only about 1.5 inches thick--which means you gain storage.

I also agree with the comments about the combination convection ovens. I just replaced a steam oven with one of these and use it all the time. It heats up very quickly and you'll have more control.

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added 5 months ago

Get induction unless your area is prone to power outages. My area is, so I have gas.
I'd get Sub Zero if the budget is there, or consider Miele. Also get Miele if your area is prone to power outages as S-Z will not warranty for that, and is apparently more sensitive to fluctuations. (Or get a whole house surge protector... that's a topic in itself.)
I'd get one full size convection oven and a combi-steam oven (these can be steam or regular or convection ovens, or programmed to combine modes. Miele's has a broiler too.) Thermador has a range that has a convection oven and a combi-steam oven, if you prefer a range. Currently they are the only ones with this configuration. (Other makers have convection with a speed oven, or double convection ovens in the range.)

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