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Renovating kitchen. Induction or gas? Sub Zero or Kitchen Aid Refrigerator? Microwave Convection and Conventional oven or Double Conventional?

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cranberry January 28, 2017
Get induction unless your area is prone to power outages. My area is, so I have gas.
I'd get Sub Zero if the budget is there, or consider Miele. Also get Miele if your area is prone to power outages as S-Z will not warranty for that, and is apparently more sensitive to fluctuations. (Or get a whole house surge protector... that's a topic in itself.)
I'd get one full size convection oven and a combi-steam oven (these can be steam or regular or convection ovens, or programmed to combine modes. Miele's has a broiler too.) Thermador has a range that has a convection oven and a combi-steam oven, if you prefer a range. Currently they are the only ones with this configuration. (Other makers have convection with a speed oven, or double convection ovens in the range.)
Exbruxelles January 28, 2017
Another vote for induction. I've had both and much prefer induction, for all the reasons mentioned here. I'd add that they're also very shallow--mine is only about 1.5 inches thick--which means you gain storage.

I also agree with the comments about the combination convection ovens. I just replaced a steam oven with one of these and use it all the time. It heats up very quickly and you'll have more control.
lynne January 23, 2017
I much prefer induction, so fast and responsive and easy to clean! but be sure your existing cookware are either cast iron, or will hold a magnet to them or they won't work!!
MMH January 21, 2017
Gas stove
Kitchenaide fridge
1 microwave
1 convection oven
PieceOfLayerCake January 19, 2017
Being a stubborn old man, I will probably always prefer the aesthetic of gas at home, BUT...we don't have a gas line in the kitchen I work in so we use induction burners and they are absolutely incredible. Depending on the model you get, pinpoint accuracy with heat control and water boils SO quickly. In a kitchen with several steaming deck ovens, the low heat output of an induction burner is nice too. Downside? We have a few pots that don't work with induction so definitely check the conductivity of your cookware. I also like the open flame on a gas stove for charring peppers or corn tortillas. So its a toss up!
Ben M. January 19, 2017
I have an induction cook top because I can't get gas in my condo. I love induction. It heats very fast, I can boil water in a few minutes if a large pot. The kitchen stays cooler (perfect for Texas) since I have induction on for a shorter amount of time and there is less heat waste since most of it goes into the pot. I can totally use my round wok pan on induction and it heats up much faster than my outdoor propane burner I have.

We got a smart oven which is a convection oven that can microwave and broil also and do two at a time. It saves space but it is a smaller oven than normal ovens. Last night I did convection with microwave to finish up butternut squash that I had been roasting. It was an investment but it is worth it in my opinion.
Melusine January 19, 2017
I love induction cooktops. All the benefits of gas, without constantly having to check the height of the flame. Easy to clean, smooth cooking surface. More even heating than a gas flame. And for us, much safer because we have cats who like to snuggle up against a warm tea kettle.
foofaraw January 18, 2017
- Gas definitely. Amazing for cooking (can use high heat, low heat, very responsive for temperature control) and can use fully bowl-y wok vs wok with flat bottom
- don't know, sorry
- Microwave Convection and Conventional : because when you want many food to be warmed/finished cooked soon (entertaining, thanksgiving, weekday I-want-to-eat-since-3-hours-ago kinda day), convection is amazing. If you can spare enough time, then you have chance to do conventional.
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