Should I Buy a Built-In Steam Oven?

My double wall ovens have died and I'm looking at the Thermador oven: the upper oven is a steam/convection oven, the lower oven is a regular/convection oven. Has anyone used a steam oven, either built-in or counter-top? And found it a useful cooking tool?

Catherine Miriam Schuster


nanetteb November 3, 2019
I'd love one for bread baking but other than that, I can't think of another reason I would use one.
Happygoin October 22, 2019
If you make homemade pizza or bake any type of bread or bagels where a really good crust is desirable, you’ll love an oven with steam injection. With one dough, you can make soft rolls or hard rolls, the only difference being steam.

If none of this is important to you, you may have no use for steam.
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