Dried Anchovy

I bought a bag of dried anchovies about a week ago. I missed the part that says store in fridge or freezer and they have been in my pantry. Should I toss them and the broth I just made?

  • Posted by: NYNCtg
  • January 19, 2017


QueenSashy January 19, 2017
If the label said to keep in the fridge, I would stick with that. Better safe then sorry. Or when in doubt leave it out.
foofaraw January 19, 2017
From anchovy I am used to buy -can have variation due to country origins:
if the dried anchovy is salted and very hard, it is made to last on room temp (salt is the preservatives here) on their original country. Many food that are ok on room temp are labeled to be stored in fridge or freezer when they enter US so less chance of getting into problem. If not salted and not very dried (almost rock hard), then it might not be good anymore.
If you have any anchovy left that has yet to be cooked, I would sniff test it. If it smells funny, then toss the anchovy+broth. If it smells like salt and fresh fish, no spoiled fish smell or any spoiled/moldy smell, and there is no change in color or form or anything grows since last time you see them, then it should be ok. PS: put the anchovy to the fridge.
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