Bone-in NY strip roast

I accidentally bought a bone-in NY strip roast instead of boneless. At this point, is it best to cut off the bone before or after roasting? And is there a way to do it without it looking like a hack job?

Christine Merrill


BerryBaby January 20, 2017
Keep the bone on! So much more flavor. After you cut it off, place it under the broiler to crisp it a bit, a magnificent treat! BB
PHIL January 20, 2017
After you de-bone it you might want to chew the last bits of meat of the bone where it is juiciest. you can cut the bone off easily once it is cooked.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 20, 2017
I would definitely cook it on the bone (yum! more flavor!). Finish cooking, let it rest and then trim away from bone and slice for portions.
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