Ideas for leftover herbs?

I have a *ton* of sage, some thyme, some marjoram, lots of basil. I definitely don't want to waste it, but can't possibly use all of it. Any ideas for things I can whip up with common pantry ingredients to freeze? I'd rather not make a trip to the grocery store. I was thinking of making some herb dumplings for chicken and dumplings later on, or perhaps some herb-y biscuits or scones. Thanks!

  • Posted by: rachel
  • January 28, 2017


MMH January 28, 2017
I freeze Thyme whole on the branch in freezer bags. If you use it in a soup or a sauce, you can drop the branches in whole, the leaves will fall out during cooking and the branches are Easily removable. I do the same thing with rosemary. Even if you freeze it on the branch it's easy to strip the leaves from the stem.
I have done many things with basil but so far the most versatile is this - I puréed it in olive oil and froze it in snack sized zip loc bags. I used some the other day in a frittata and it was fantastic.
ktr January 28, 2017
That's a great trick with thyme and rosemary!

I normally make compound butter with basil and garlic and freeze it. We use it on all sorts of vegetables and in rice.
Lost_in_NYC January 28, 2017
Why not dry the sage, thyme, marjoram to use for later dishes (or make your own Italian seasoning). Basil you could make into pesto and freeze. Or puree with olive oil and freeze that into cubes for later use as well.
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