what do I do with kaffir lime fruits?

I've seen marmalades, but I'm not a particular fan of canning. Any other ideas? How does the taste compare with regular limes? Thanks!



Emily L. February 10, 2017
A lot of Thai dishes (particularly curries) have kaffir lime leaves - not sure if your limes have the leaves attached or not?
foofaraw February 6, 2017
Adding to what others have said, the seeds can be given to others who want to grow kaffir lime tree, it planted just like lemon seed. Just be careful when cutting the fruit open to keep the seed intact. Kaffir lime leaves = instant gardening gratification lol.
HalfPint February 6, 2017
Call me crazy, but I think the fruit or rind would taste great if it was candied.
Valhalla February 6, 2017
Have you not tasted it yet? Talk about pucker!
I use the peel for curry paste, and I freeze the juice for cocktails (great with gin and vodka). I think a marmalade would be inedible, but I have seen it used in curds and in small quantities that could be fine. In Thailand, the juice is used as hair rinse.
Lost_in_NYC February 5, 2017
What about a Indian style lime 'chutney?" you can buy the spice mixture for it from an Indian grocery store - mix it together and leave it alone for a few days for the flavors to come together. Or go the dessert route as others have mentioned.
Smaug February 4, 2017
I had a few some years back- best I remember, the juice was pretty much lime juice, and not much of it, but the zest was especially pungent. Unfortunately, the little tree was done in by an unexpected freeze, so I didn't get to work with it much. I suspect they'd make a fine marmalade, but probably best mixed maybe 30% with lemon- limes alone can be pretty overpowering in marmalade. If you only have a few, I'd just use the juice like regular lime juice.
Smaug February 4, 2017
And then he reread the question- ok, no marmalade- you could do a lemon-lime curd for a pie, or maybe pure lime for tartlets.
Smaug February 4, 2017
They really need an edit function- marmalade is actually quite easy in small quantities- if you just make a jar or two, you can just keep it in the refrigerator without really going through the canning process.
scruz February 4, 2017
some sorts of cocktails sound nice. maybe a key lime pie sort of thing.
Smaug February 4, 2017
That would be a Kaffir lime pie.
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