best recipes using dry sherry

I'm just one person with an army's supply of dry sherry, trying to find ways to get rid of it. Seeking any and all recipes to aid in this endeavor. Bonus points for soup.

  • Posted by: rachel
  • February 6, 2017


Sam1148 February 7, 2017
Make some bread. And do a 'all day' french onion soup. Either Julia's recipe or the America's Test Kitchen recipe. (which does a easier oven caramelization of the onions).

The soup freezes well and you can portion it out and add a splash of sherry to brighten it up after a defrost.

In fact most soups from can to home made can benefit from a splash of sherry just before serving.
Emily |. February 7, 2017
There is a bed and breakfast called The Lyndon House in Lexington, KY, where the host makes scrambled eggs with bacon, cheddar, sherry and chives for breakfast. Divine.
Liz D. February 7, 2017
I use it in Asian dishes in lieu of rice wine, as already mentioned here. I also store my fresh ginger in it--peel & chunk up the ginger, put into a jar, pour dry sherry over & keep in fridge. Use can use the sherry out of the jar in stir-fries, then top it off with more from the bottle.
Nancy February 7, 2017
Sherry is often restricted to drinking as an aperitif, but it stands up well as a drinking wine.
Have a look at some wine & food sites for recommended pairings, or just add it to your drinking rotation with main dishes and desserts, especially but not exclusively those made with some sherry as ingredient.
caninechef February 7, 2017
I have not tried it yet but this recipe is a contest winner

Dry Sherry was suggested to me as a reasonable substitute for the Shaoxing wine it calls for.

ChefJune February 6, 2017
This is one of my two most favorite!
ChefJune February 6, 2017
And here's the other one.
And by the way, Sherry does NOT last forever. It does last longer than non-oxidized wines, but it does change character dramatically when left more than a month or so. Sorry to disagree with AntoniaJames.
AntoniaJames February 8, 2017
Okay, ChefJune, I stand corrected. Thanks for chiming in! ;o)
Smaug February 6, 2017
Answers to that could run to a medium cookbook, but Spanish cookbooks would be a good place to start- there's a meatballs with a sherry-almond sauce that's often seen, and many more. I make beef stroganoff with sherry, including some in the noodles, but it doesn't use up much, and of course all sorts of stews and gravies can use some with good effect, but it'll be a slow way to use up your hogshead.
AntoniaJames February 6, 2017
It will last forever, so unless storage is an issue, don't worry about using it up all at once. Also, keep a bottle on your refrigerator door to use in stir fries, instead of rice wine.
For a dessert sauce that takes full advantage of sherry - ;o)
HalfPint February 6, 2017
Here's a helpful site,

There's a delicious looking cream of crab soup in the slide show.
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