Can you make chocolate dipped cotton candy balls, without the chocolate dissolving the cotton candy? Perhaps a thickening agent in the cotton candy?

Amber Williamson


Rachelwrites February 11, 2017
Would it be possible to make chocolate flavored cotton candy instead? Maybe mixing cocoa powder in with the sugar mixture? We made a huge gingerbread house for a door decorating contest. Cotton candy topped the towers and it was incredibly hard to get it to stay because it dissipates the moment it touches moisture. I also love Nancy's idea of nesting chocolates in the cotton candy.
Nancy February 9, 2017
If your aim is to mix cotton candy & chocolate, consider making nests of cotton candy and affixing a small chocolate in the center of each.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 9, 2017
Or maybe freezing little balls of cotton candy, and then trying to dunk them in chocolate when they're frozen?
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