Can I use cocoa butter melted with high quality chocolate for dipping candies instead of tempering?

I swear I read somewhere that you could cheat and use oil or cocoa butter melted with good chocolate to dip homemade truffles, butter creams etc. More forgiving and easier for the novice. Have a group of 4 women hoping to make holiday candy together and trying to streamline things.



Stephanie B. November 28, 2017
Hmm...I've never done this but the internet says you can temper with cocoa butter (not sure about other oils though). Callebaut has some info on this method:
It doesn't look any easier than other methods in that you still have to keep pretty precise temperatures, but I bet it's faster than chopped chocolate in the seed method since the cocoa butter needs to be grated with a microplane.
Stephanie B. November 28, 2017
But I don't think this method is "cheating," it sounds to me like another method of tempering.
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