Is there anything besides candy melts I can dip cake balls in? Looking for something healthier and melted chocolate was too thick..

Cake balls..

Rochel Leah


Elle C. May 31, 2017
What about whipped frosting?
kristiezen920 March 17, 2012
You can add regular vegetable oil to the melted chocolate for the right consistency. About 1 tablespoon for every cup of chocolate chips.
BoulderGalinTokyo March 17, 2012
As LA BEC FIN said "a delicious powder of roasted soybeans and sugar-" to American ears it sounds 'not attractive' but it really is a nice taste. Look for KINOKO powder. Here it usually is unsweeted- just add powdered sugar or granular depending on how you want the outside texture.
Try some plain sesame seeds and some black sesame seeds and a combination. You have three colors right there.
ATG117 March 16, 2012
I've definitely seen cake balls dipped in melted white and milk chocolate. I'm surprised you found the consistency too thick. Did you try melting teh chocolate over a double boiler, dipping the balls in using a fork, and letting them harden on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper?
LornaFarris March 16, 2012
My sister makes cake pops all the time and last summer she discovered a delicious DIY substitute for the regular old hardening chocolate. Combine and melt chocolate chips with a little coconut oil! The resulting dipping chocolate tastes like liquid Almond Joy, you'll want to eat the stuff straight! I'm not sure if she's tried it with white chocolate and added food coloring but I'm guessing that could work too. Just start with a little coconut oil and add it until you get the dipping consistency you want. P.S. The coconut oil and REAL chocolate make this significantly healthier then that other fake stuff...
raspberryeggplant March 17, 2012
Yep, chocolate melted with a bit of coconut oil is homemade magic shell! Last summer the NYTimes posted a recipe by Thomas Keller for it. Works like a charm and it's all natural.
MauraKaras March 16, 2012
How about plain old powdered sugar?
LeBec F. March 16, 2012
The Japanese have a lot of neat options, but i don't know how adventurous you're feeling. There is a delicious powder of roasted soybeans and sugar- a tan color. And you could also mix green tea powder with confectioner's sugar or a sugar syrup and dip them in that and let it cool/set (like w/ glazed and candied fruit). I have no idea if this would work, but i wonder if you added peanut butter to a sugar syrup- if that coating might also harden up.... Granted, all these are sugar based.

Your chocolate- if you mix it with melted sweet butter 50/50 it will be plenty thin to make a thin coat. That is what i use to put a chocolate glaze on cookies, cakes, tortes. I usually have to wait for it to cool/set up a bit for it to be thick enough to not run off what I am dipping or coating. When it gets too thick, i just heat it again.
Sam1148 March 16, 2012
I wonder if reducing fruit juice...letting it cool. Adding unflavored gelatin let it bloom, heat and cool. and dipping them in that and cool again. ( basic Gummy bear recipe on Google) The textures might be pretty weird with the cake center and 'gummy bear' coating, maybe some vitamin c powder for tang.

On second thought sounds pretty bad.
Sam1148 March 16, 2012
Okay, how about a lime or orange gelatin fruit dip..and then roll in crushed nuts, and toasted coconut? So the jello/gelatin is just a surface binder.
Brette W. March 16, 2012
You can try melting down marshmallows with some butter or maybe thinning out marshmallow fluff with some water...not exactly healthy but it is sticky!
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