I want to make a Banana Foster Bread that the recipe calls for Run or Cognac. I don't have any of them. Could I substitute with sherry?

  • Posted by: Mcalvosa
  • February 11, 2011


jwolfsthal February 11, 2011
you might be able to get by with a bourbon if you had too, but it needs to be a sweeter brown liquor. grand marnier might be good too?
pierino February 11, 2011
Given that you need to set it on fire, sherry is not going to work. Brandy would be fine, even the cheap stuff like E&J.
drbabs February 11, 2011
I wouldn't use sherry either. Rum is an integral flavoring in bananas foster--I think no alcohol at all would be preferable to sherry. I agree with sadassa_ulna about adding vanilla or rum extract if you have them.
Sadassa_Ulna February 11, 2011
If it were me I would sub bourbon or blended scotch. Or maybe Cointreau or Grand Marnier? Or I would sub a teaspoon of vanilla or rum extract for every Tablespoon of the rum/sherry. Sherry seems too "dried-fruit-like" for bananas to me?
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