can I prep scones day before and bake on day of brunch? Will the cream cheese spread for tea sandwiches be ok overnight as well?



Nora February 11, 2011
Freeze, as above, and yes. Be sure to take the cream cheese out to soften before serving. You're not making it with garlic, are you? I think it would get too strong overnight.
mrslarkin February 11, 2011
whoa, i'm late to the scone party again! Good job, gang!

I always freeze my uncooked scones prior to baking. That way, you can make them way ahead and just pop them in the oven whenever you need.

If it's a matter of not having freezer space to do this, I think they would be fine in the fridge overnight (but wrap them well.)

The spread will be fine in the fridge, too. But bring it to room temp for a little bit or it will be hard to spread.

Have a fun party!! I heart tea parties so much. ;)
Sundayinthekitchen February 11, 2011
Definitely freeze then bake -- you'll feel so much more relaxed the day of if you don't have to worry about making them.
MaryMaryCulinary February 11, 2011
For the scones, you can mix the dry ingredients and cut the butter in, then cover tightly and refrigerate it overnight and add the liquid in the morning and shape and bake them. IF you want to shape them, freeze them as nannydeb recommends. The cream cheese spread will be fine in the fridge overnight.
Pamcakes101 February 11, 2011
Can I leave the scones in the fridge overnight and bake in the AM?
nannydeb February 11, 2011
Thanks to mrslarkin I've been making scones and freezing them then baking them on the day I need them. They bake up fresh tasting and it's so easy. The cream cheese spread will be fine over night in the fridge.
aargersi February 11, 2011
The cream cheese will be fine (in the fridge of course) - and I THINK the scones will too but Mrs Larkin really needs to weigh in on that one
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