How should I cook frozen tuna steaks?

My husband was given some frozen tuna from a friend's recent fishing excursion. How should I cook?

Stephanie G


Leia P. February 20, 2017
In my house, cooking tuna is a sin. I make poke' for my room mate often.

1/2 pound tuna
2 to 3 tbsp sesame or macadamia oil and soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet chili paste
a few dashes of rice wine vinegar
4 green onions finely sliced
1 tsp sesame seeds

cut the tuna into small cubes, toss these cubes with the oil. add the rest of the ingredients, stir well and chill for about an hour so the flavors can set.

Of course, this is not for the timid, you have to know how to pick the right tuna steak for the dish. To me and my room mate, it is worth the wait, and always a welcome treat.
Stephanie G. February 17, 2017
Laura, that sounds great!
Laura C. February 17, 2017
I have, just this week, confited some tuna in olive oil with rosemary, thyme and onion. It is delicious and stores well covered in it's oil for a couple of weeks. It's great for use in pastas, salads and sandwiches but can also be warmed as the main component of an entree.
Jan W. February 18, 2017
Do you think you could give me a rough sketch of a recipe for this - or at least point me in the direction of one? Would be super grateful.
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