A question about a recipe: Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs

I have a question about the recipe "Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs" from Genius Recipes. how can you submerge 6 eggs in one cup of liquid?

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  • Posted by: Robert
  • February 19, 2017
Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs
Recipe question for: Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs


Susan W. February 19, 2017
As Kate said, a ziplock bag would work, but I've just done it in a glad container with a lid. I open it and spin the eggs a bit to make sure all of the eggs are marinated. It works great.
Kate P. February 19, 2017
You could try a Ziplock bag perhaps? You could then turn it about to ensure the eggs stayed coated in the liquid, especially if you squeezed some of the excess air out of the bag.
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