I forgot to add all the spicings/flavorings for a whole chicken in a crockpot -- is there a save for this chicken?

It's 2/3rds done at this time.

  • Posted by: hojewe
  • April 24, 2021


Nancy April 24, 2021
It's unclear to me what type of chicken recipe you are making, but this will work for either a mostly roasted (with some kind of fat) or mostly braised (with some kind of liquid like broth).
When the chicken is done, remove the solid meat pieces from the crockpot.
Add to the pot the seasonings your recipe would have included. Then add in the aromatics (elements like carrot, onion, garlic, lemon), whole spices (like bay leaf, sprigs of thyme), basic seasonings (like salt, pepper and any ground spices you would have added).
Add some more of the fat and/or broth to become a vehicle for absorbing and extracting the flavors from the seasonings. Also optional side vegetables you might want to serve, like potatoes.
I don't know crock pots very well, but I imagine you could use a shorter setting than for the main chicken - say something for making a sauce or vegetable side dish.
Then cook. When this seasoning batch is done, you may strain it or not (according to taste or how you were going to serve the chicken).
Then mix it with the previously cooked chicken, heat all as needed, and serve.
hojewe April 24, 2021
I like your comment -- it sounds like a good fix. My husband encouraged me to add the flavorings late (it had cooked 5 out of 8 hours) and it turned out well, though I, myself, could tell it was not as tasty as when it has the whole time to absorb flavors, everyone seemed to think it was good. I think what you suggested may have given a better flavor. Thank you for your response!
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