I've made this recipe 3 times now and overall it's a great recipe but each time my cookies have hardened really quickly after cooling and are crun...

...chy rather than chewy. They also don't flatten like regular cookies. I've rested the dough each time but could I maybe have not done it long enough? Any other suggestions would be great

Jae Yates


Smaug February 20, 2017
Have you looked at the rather extensive comments section on the recipe? People seem to have had a lot of adventures with this. My only practical suggestion would be to weigh the flour if possible; the actual quantity can vary a lot if measuring by volume.
Kristen M. February 20, 2017
Hi Jae, I would say that you should try baking the cookies for less time next time—since they'll keep cooking out of the oven, don't wait till they're firm or as brown as the photo (which by the way, was due to an especially dark vegan brown sugar, which I will add a note about!). They'll flatten more if you let them come down to room temp instead of baking straight out of the fridge, too.
judydiazhdez April 27, 2020
Thanks Kristen M.!!! This answers my question also! They came out great tasting but they did not spread when baking.
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