Anyone remember the Lichee Tree or Gingko Tree restaurants in NYC?

Hello! Long shot here, but does anyone who lived in NYC from the 1960s onward remember eating at restaurants called The Lichee Tree or The Gingko Tree? The former was in Greenwich Village, the latter near Lincoln Center. Any insight/memories would be appreciated. If easier, please shoot me an email at [email protected].

Mayukh Sen


jim February 21, 2023
As an 8 year old in 1973, my parents took me to my first opera at the Met. It was Rigoletto, and before attending we ate at Gingko Tree. Unforgettable experience, with just the right mix of accessibility and formality.
Essen August 7, 2022
As an aside, the owner of the Lichee Tree restaurant was a contestant on a 1964 episode of "To Tell the Truth." The episode can, remarkably, be seen on YouTube. Do a search for "To tell the truth composer of blue velvet" while in YouTube, and she is featured in the second segment.
Chelz May 13, 2022
I worked at 66th & Broadway and ate there often. Food was delicious. Wonderful service. When I was getting marry the owner gave me a beautiful scarf. I still have it and cherish it.
Sandra C. March 7, 2022
Yes, I do! My husband went to college with the son of the Kuos. We ate there often as guests. Fantastic place!
Sandra C. March 7, 2022
I only know the one in the Village
Lindsay-Jean H. February 27, 2017
Boop. Bumping this back up to the top in hopes of getting more eyes (and answers) on it!
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