What's the best way to cook frozen chicken breast?

My boyfriend likes to keep frozen chicken on hand, wondering if anyone has tips to quickly prepare it in a tasty fashion, or if I oughta start getting it just fresh.

Tori Multon


Nancy February 26, 2017
If you have the space to store in freezer (whether bought fresh or frozen, you can take advantage of low or bulk pricing & have quality protein always on hand.
Yes, thoroughly defrost before cookin, as others recommend.
And maybe experiment with other parts or whole chickens.
E February 26, 2017
I bulk buy fresh chicken breasts and thighs in vacuum packed portions for personal convenience. As long as you defrost the chicken (pref overnight in the fridge, or under desperate circumstance, under running cold water), it'll cook like any other chicken breast. That's the key. If it is even a little bit frozen, it won't cook properly. After properly defrosted, cook it the way you cook fresh chicken breast.
E February 26, 2017
**I buy them fresh, but then I freeze the cryvac'd packages, for convenience.
ktr February 26, 2017
I'd cook them the same way, just make sure to plan ahead to let the frozen chicken thaw. There are tons of recipes for chicken on this site and many others. I'm sure others never buy frozen chicken breasts but I always have because of the convenience of having them on hand when I need them. I live 30 minutes from the nearest town so there are no quick runs to the store.
I will add that buying bone in, skin on chicken is going to be more flavorful than bones skinless chicken breasts, but you can make a tasty meal with either. I'd look for recipes that use a marinade or sauce if you are using boneless skinless chicken.
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