I am very allergic to apples, what is a good substitute for apple cider vinegar?

  • Posted by: KGMom
  • February 26, 2017


PHIL March 1, 2017
Apple cider vinegar has become very popular these days that's why you see it in so many recipes. People are even drinking shots of it .
Maedl February 28, 2017
I get a grape vinegar from a Persan/Middle Eastern grocery that I like very much--and I think you could use it wherever you would use an apple vinegar.
QueenSashy February 28, 2017
I don't think there is a true substitute for apple cider vinegar, because there is that faint hint of apples in it, and gentle sweetness. I think that you can come closes to that effect by using rice vinegar with a sprinkle of brown sugar or a drop of honey.
MMH February 26, 2017
What are you making?
KGMom February 27, 2017
Nothing in particular right now. I was just asking in general, because it seems like more and more recipes require it.
Nancy February 27, 2017
Those recipes may ask for it, but not truly require it.
[Only time vinegar is a strict requirement is in pickling.]
Depending on the case, use another vinegar with a flavor you like & compatible with the ingredients.
And/or add a liitle bit of fruit juice to the recipw in addition to your vinegar replacement.
KGMom February 27, 2017
I will have to try out other vinegars. I'm allergic to a lot of fruit actually, I can only have berries and citrus. I do have red wine, white wine and rice vinegar on hand most of the time. I will try them. Thank you!
Sam1148 February 26, 2017
Rice Vinegar.
Smaug February 26, 2017
There are other fruit vinegars, but of what's easily available, I'd go with sherry vinegar.
ChefJune February 28, 2017
I agree with smaug. Unless you are allergic to grapes, I'd go with Sherry vinegar. I think its flavor is fairly similar to cider vinegar.
KGMom February 28, 2017
So far not allergic to grapes, thankfully! :) I will try it, thank you both!
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