A New Way to Dinner - Amanda's Spring, p. 57, flank steak --

On p. 57, 2 lbs. of flank steak is called for, yet never formally mentioned again, except to "use leftover steak" in the grain salad (p. 61).

I assume the flank steak was to be used for the quesadillas on p. 65, yet there's no mention of how to cook this beast anywhere, nor to add it to the quesas.

That said, I used it in the quesas.

What would be really nice in the next addition is to have on the grocery list page numbers after the items, where items are used. I find myself often scanning between "how they come together, "game plan" and the individual recipes just to ensure everything gets used properly. And then, I still often overuse on one recipe (asparagus-eggs here), not having had enough of it for the grain salad.

That's all! Loved the blueberry crumble and African-chutney chicken!

  • Posted by: eric
  • February 26, 2017


Amanda H. February 26, 2017
Hi Eric, thanks for pointing this out. If you look on page 55, you can see the steak gets used in the Low-Maintenance Steak Tacos, and there's a page number listed (page 86). Apologies that this was confusing!
Nancy February 26, 2017
Check out the recipe for Low Maintenance Steak Tacos, mentioned on p. 55
eric February 26, 2017
thank you -- another place to look, it seems. it was good on the quesos -- :)
eric February 26, 2017
oops - meant "next edition" -- :)
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