Vein in flank steak?

With grilling season in full swing, I've been cooking a lot of flank steak. A few times now, I've found a large vein (I'm guessing) in the middle of the steak. I also feel like I saw one in someone's flank steak pic on this site somewhere... so I don't think it's just me. Since I grill mine to medium rare, it's been kind of yucky... bloody, actually. I'm just not sure how to cook the steak how I like it while avoiding a yucky, bloody vein. ?? How do I avoid this?

  • Posted by: jenmmcd
  • August 15, 2011
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1 Comment

nutcakes August 15, 2011
I've seen thin ones and I just grab them as firmly as I can and pull it out, holding back the fibers on the meat. If I saw a big one, I'd cut or snip it out.
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