Just picked up some smoked cinnamon from Anna Sortun's shop Sofra. Has anyone used it in a sweet or savory dish? Will the smokiness 'speak' if used in a quickbread?



sweetlolo February 12, 2011
I bought the same stuff at Sofra and used some of it to make smoked cinnamon marshmallows. It's a little chunky as is, so I ground it down to a fine powder and then added a couple of teaspoons to the marshmallow as it was beating, and also added just a touch of smoked salt to enhance the smokiness. Finally, I added some of the smoked cinnamon to the powdered sugar I rolled the finished marshmallows in. The smokiness definitely came through.
pierino February 11, 2011
Personally I'd go with savory. Say a ragu flavored with crushed cinammon and also juniper berries as well as some rosemary.
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