Any chance that Food52 will do a Fall Menu Creator similar to the Spring Menu Creator?

I made a delicious menu this spring for a gathering from the Spring Menu Creator, using recipes that I wasn't familiar with and likely wouldn't have found on my own. Hoping to make up a great menu for the fall. If there won't be a Fall Menu Creator, what favorites do people have for a fall gathering for 10-15 people, informal, vegetarian/non vegetarian, including tasting of single malt whiskeys?



luvcookbooks September 2, 2018
Thanks! Will try.
Nancy August 29, 2018
Meg -
Another idea. Not great, but a pis aller, might be to search FEATURES for "fall recipes" or "fall foods." The articles focus on groups...rice, apple, squashes, meats etc...
Not as focused as the menu planner.
But much more focused than search the RECIPES section for "fall" which gives thousands.
Joanna S. August 28, 2018
Hi luvcookbooks! I'm so thrilled to hear you enjoyed using our Spring Menu Maker. While we won't be doing a fall-specific menu maker this year, we will be launching a brand new Thanksgiving menu maker in November, which will absolutely include many of our favorite fall recipes!
luvcookbooks September 2, 2018
Thank you! Looking forward to Thanksgiving!
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