Mushrooms in lasagna

I'm making veggie lasagna with mushrooms. Some recipes add them raw. Some add them sautéed. I'm inclined to sautee them to avoid watery lasagna. What do you think?

  • Posted by: MMH
  • March 8, 2017


Diari March 8, 2017
duxelle or sautéed. i like to dry sauté them and then in the end hit them with a small splash of balsamic and the tiniest pat of butter..then in the layers they go!
MMH March 8, 2017
Will try that next time. Thanks.
QueenSashy March 8, 2017
Sauteed. Period.
MMH March 8, 2017
I dry sautéed them- never found me it before. No oil. No salt. On medium heat until they threw off their water & it evaporated. They were perfect. I layered them on top of tomato sauce from last years garden. I mixed pesto from last years garden in the ricotta. Yummy and we are emptying the freezer for this years garden.
Krista March 8, 2017
Your instincts are right. I would also make a duxelle rather than using sliced mushrooms. ALso - the best veggie lasagna with mushrooms I've ever made is here: the porcini make it sing. It's actually better than lasagna bolognese if you ask me.
Annie S. March 8, 2017
I have been making a vegetarian lasagna for several years. It has only shiitake mushrooms in it and they are much drier. It uses 2 1/2 pounds and some folks don't want to spend that much on mushrooms.
The recipe I use doesn't use ricotta or mozzarella and since there is no meat I think the cost is similar.
This is the only recipe I use now and I was pretty famous for my tradional lasagna.
If you want I will post a link so you can look it over.
Nancy March 8, 2017
Saute and add.
Not only does it reduce watery texture, it allows you to add flavor (whatever fat you saute in).
C S. March 8, 2017
Personally I think sauteed will also taste better.
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