I want to make a panini with mushrooms and truffle oil. What is the best way to ensure the mushrooms will have the most flavor from the oil?

Should I sautee them in the oil before "panining" the sandwich? Should I just marinate the mushrooms in oil raw? Should I put the oil on the bread right before? Should I just panini the mushrooms and add the oil at the end?

  • Posted by: svb
  • November 30, 2017


pierino November 30, 2017
Definitely saute the mushrooms first in either butter or olive oil. Use the truffle oil only sparingly as its flavor is rather intense. Do note that 99% of the "truffle oil" you will find is synthetic and seldom contains any actual truffle. If it does have a tiny bit of truffle visible it's probably an "estivo" or summer truffle which has practically no flavor.

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702551 November 30, 2017
I would lightly sauté the mushrooms in the oil. I have never encountered a fresh mushroom that didn't soak up oil like sponge.

You could spread some truffle oil on the bread for more aroma. Personally, I am strongly in favor of moderation with truffle oil. The scent can easily overwhelm a dish, something I don't care for myself.

Best of luck.
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