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How do I get the rosemary, lemon zest and sea salt to stick to my roasted nuts? I did it the first time I ever made them, no recipe and now, no matter what I can't replicate. They just aren't so great when all the herby salty goodness falls to the bottom of the bowl. You should do an article on it!

Tamara Mahoney Kneisel


Ali W. March 11, 2017
I toss the nuts in whipped egg whites in a colander so they don't get too wet. I then add the spices. The egg whites do not leave a flavor, they just glue the spices to the nuts perfectly!
Jr0717 March 10, 2017
Are you tossing the nuts with some sort of oil or liquid before seasoning them? That may help everything adhere. You could also consider using a whisked egg white just to coat the nuts so the herbs and salt stick.
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