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Russ Parson's turkey: directions say to re-apply the seasoning once a day. Does that mean mix up more salt & herbs, & re-apply two more days?

It seems like a lot of salt. My turkey is almost 12 lbs, so I used 2 T. yesterday to start, I think, some rosemary, and lemon & orange zest. Should I keep mixing up that same amount?

asked by Denise Spooner 17 days ago
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Erin McDowell

Erin is a baking aficionado, writer, stylist, and Test Kitchen Manager at Food52. She is currently writing a cookbook.

added 17 days ago

Nope! Just redistribute the salt you already added every day - if you remember. Kristen Miglore told me if you don't, it still works great!

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added 17 days ago

Thanks so much! Love you guys and here's wishing everyone at Food52 a lovely holiday from everyone here in the Golden State.